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S6 Hydraulic Power Brake Valves

General descriptionS6 Hydraulic power brake valve

Safim S6 Brake System is a compact assembly with all brake components grouped together in a single, easy to-adjust unit. S6 only requires a small number of connections and only uses a small amount of power from the vehicle's existing hydraulic circuit; the remaining power is thus available for other equipment.
S6 is available in both modular and compact versions.
S6 system is suitable for mounting on medium and large sized vehicles from 1 to 4 brake circuits. Typical examples are: loaders, dumpers, forklift trucks, mobile cranes, cement mixers, excavators, compressors, etc...
The system is designed for the direct control of mechanical or hydraulic brakes both positive and negative, to provide safe, responsive, and progressive braking at all times.
The technical characteristics of the S6 provide increased braking power with a lower pedal force. Brake pressure is adjusted on the modules connected to the brake circuit. Safim supplies S6 units ready-adjusted to customer specifications. Fitting the S6 is simple, the unit is virtually maintenance free and Safim customer service will always offer assistance and advice.
S6 power brake valves 'Modular' Type S6 power brake valves 'E'' Type S6 power brake valves 'Compact' Type S6 power brake valves 'T'' Type


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