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Master Priority Valve

General Features

Priority ValvesThis hydraulic valve has been designed in order to convey a pump flow to various services on three (or more) priority levels, with low pressure drops on the valve.
On the highest priority level (PR1) you will usually find applications whose failure to function causes problems for both vehicle and operator; on the second priority level (PR2) you will find safety devices that ensure a minimum level of endurance up to a certain extent in the absence of feeding, as well as the services necessary for the vehicle functioning; finally on the third level you will find applications that don't require any priority and whose failure to function doesn't arouse any danger neither to operator nor to the vehicle.

Available for open centre and Load Sensing Pumps.

The most standard configuration is:
 1st priority: Steering
 2nd priority: Accumulator charging valve for the brake system
 Not in priority: Excess flow for main hydraulic

Trailer brake ports
Solenoid valve for parching brake with or without pressure reduction valve
Start unloading valve
Emergency steering accumulator

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