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 Plug & Brake® Trailer Brake Valve

The "Plug & Brake®"  trailer brake valve  is  equipped with a device that exclude the valve brake function when the trailer is not towed from the tractor.

TBV - Plug and Brake TBV

If the trailer quick coupling  is  not connected to  the valve the inside  movement  of the flow spool is  locked. The cross channel between P and N  is fully open and the B port  is  connected to the tank through T  port. The benefits obtained by using the "P&B®"  are several as: relevant energy saving; minimized  oil  eating and reduced wear out of inner parts of the valve because not operated when not required. The Plug  & Brake® valve have the quick coupling integrated, so  it  must be assembled on the tractor in  a  position that satisfy the laws related to the coupling position for the braking of the agricultural trailer.



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