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S6 Power brake valves 'Modular' Type

General Description

Safim S6 Modular Type is a compact assembly with all brake components grouped together in a single, modular, easy to-adjust unit. Modular components mean that customers can select the unit configuration that best suits their particular needs.
S6 is available in different versions: horizontal, vertical, fire-wall, with push-rod, hydraulic piloted ...
S6 Power brake valves 'Modular' Type

Safim S6 brake System is made up of the following modular components:

A: Accessories connected to the pedal support
Different types of accessories can be connected to the pedal support (usually in horizontal version) such as: sensors, inching valve, work cylinders ...

B: Pedal-support unitS6 Modular construction
The pedal/support unit is used to secure the entire brake system to the cab.
The main function of the support is to convey the actuating force acting on the pedal to brake modules through some springs that make brake pressure proportional to the stroke.

C: Brake modules
These modules control the brake pressure.
Each module is connected to an accumulator to have a independent circuit.
It’s possible to have from 1 to 4 brake circuits and differential pressure from 1:2 to 1:4.

D: Accumulator charging valve
S6 is available with or without accumulator charging valve.
Accumulator charging valve is available for open centre and Load Sensing circuits.

E: Charging valve cover
In combination with the accumulator charging valve are available different combination of solenoid valves: for parching brake with or without pressure reduction valve, work brake, start unloading valve ...

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