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Master cylinder without booster

Simple master cylinder 
Single bore master cylinders:
These unboosted hydraulic Master Cylinders are actuated by foot effort, via the brake pedal.
The brake pressure is related to actuation force and depends on the piston bore size: the smaller the bore, the higher the pressure. The volume of oil that these Master Cylinders can displace depends on piston area and stroke.
Available on single and double circuts.
Step bore master cylinders
 Step bore master cylinders:
These master cylinders have a step bore piston, with special valves fitted internally which regulate their operation. The brake fluid in the vehicle can be displaced by the larger diameter piston in large volumes, but at low pressure. The valves are regulated in such a way that once a pressure level has been reached, at which the brakes friction surfaces are in line (filling pressure), the larger diameter piston is being gradually inhibited, allowing the smaller diameter piston to take over. Thus high brake pressures can be obtained without excessive efforts. For the reasons explained above, these master cylinders do not meter out a specific fluid volume, but a variable one, depending on the type of brake system, brake clearances, etc.
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