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Open centre booster with accumulator

 General description

open-centre booster with accumulator (Schema)This kind of booster directly derives from open centre boosters; it also uses an accumulator for the booster feeding in emergency cases.
Open-centre boosters with an accumulator are often used when it’s impossible to get a satisfactory emergency braking without the booster is lacking.
A warning light or an acoustic transponder warning against a low accumulators charge needs to be installed in order to use this master cylinder in the correct way.
The accumulator is re-charged by the booster pressure; these pressures are regulated by the same booster safety valve.
Before starting moving the vehicle it’s necessary to depress the brake pedal deeply for some seconds in order to charge the accumulator (until the warning light switches off). Otherwise it’s possible to install an accumulator charging valve keeping the accumulator charged automatically.
All boosters installed on master cylinders for brake fluid (DOT 3-4) have a chamber open towards the outside. If the master cylinder is for mineral oil, this chamber is usually connected to the tank.
open-centre booster with accumulator
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