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Master cylinder with booster

General description

Master cylinder with boosterSAFIM has been manufacturing this type of product successfully since 1979. These devices are used to operate the brakes of industrial vehicles and have replaced ordinary brake pumps and other devices which used to require the installation of bulky additional systems on vehicles.
The advantages offered by this unit are:
• high braking pressures
• low pedal force (reduction of 75-90%)
• simple hydraulic system
• compact dimensions
• perfect braking control
The brake cylinder (or master cylinder) and the booster are coaxial and their inner parts are superimposed in order to reduce the unit length.
Both the master cylinder and the booster find themselves in two separate housings in order to allow different master cylinder-booster combinations and to meet each customer's requirements in the best possible way.
The master cylinder is available in two versions: with a step bore piston; with a conventional fixed diameter piston. Both versions have been designed to be used with
single or twin-circuit braking systems.
Four classes of hydraulic boosters are available in combination with the master cylinder parts:
1. Open centre boosters
2. Open centre boosters with accumulator
3. Closed centre boosters for mineral oil and brake fluid master cylinder
4. Closed centre boosters for mineral oil master cylinder
The Master cylinders are available for mineral oil (compatible with oils such as ATF DEXRON II and LHM) and for brake fluid (DOT3-4, except for the last class of boosters, which is only for mineral oil).
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