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General description

Safim produces and resells a wide range of accessories for master cylinders and brake valves, below the list of the major categories.
For any specifications, please refer to our catalogue in the appropriate section 
Master cylinders accessories:
Accumulators Accumulator collar Accumulator recharge kit
Pedal unit Pressure switch Tank
Pressure reducing valve  Inching Valve  Priority valve
- Accumulators
- Pedal assemblies
- Pressure switches
- Reservoirs and caps for electric check
- Pressure limiting valves
- Priority valve and flow dividers
- Inching valves
Power brake valve accessories:
- Accumulators
- Pedal assemblies
- Pressure switches
- Pressure reducing valves
- Relé valves
- Load sensitive valves (ALB)
Other accessories:
- Accumulators recharge kit
- Collars for accumulators 
- Tanks



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