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EU RVBR regulations

SAFIM S.p.A has launched the new Trailer Braking System for Agricultural Vehicles which complies the new EU RVBR regulations (EU 2015/68).

The system have two areas of application: the tractor and the trailer. For the tractor SAFIM has developed the TBU (Trailer Brake Unit) valve which integrates the pressure control of the service brakes of the trailer (Control Line) with the management of the just introduced redundant line to the trailer (Supplementary Line). The TBU is driven by the HBL (Hand Brake Lever) which manages both parking and secondary brakes lines of the tractor with one unique control. The connection between tractor and trailer is done through the new coupling EU-DLC which complies with the new flange set by the regulation and manage hydraulic pilots in order to apply automatically the brakes of trailer when the trailer is disconnected or is in emergency conditions. The coupling works in conjunctions with the ATVB valve which is fit on the trailer manage the signal from the TBU and has a selector plus and hand pump to release the trailer brakes without tractor or release the pressure from the coupling for easy connection. The MLSV valve modulates the pressure to the brakes accordingly to the load of the trailer with three discrete settings or continuously. New brake positive or dual (positive + SAHR) cylinders have been developed for the new regulation. The new Trailer Braking System has been developed in order to satisfy the new braking response times/performances and it allows the possibility to connect tractors with the new system with trailers having the old system and vice versa.

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