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SAFIM was founded in 1977 by brothers Eronne and Omer Mamei, with the purpose to produce hydraulic components for industrial vehicles braking.
Today SAFIM is flexible, attentive to the quality of the product, and focused on the needs of customers, with whom we work to the study of specific solutions for their needs.


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Total covered Area :           12.600 m²
Used Area :                        10.200 m²
New shipping department:  1.300 m²
Free for new :                      2.400 m²






Core of our company is the engineering team. Our technicians have experience on the field and have constant contact with the customers and production. This makes it possible to obtain the quality and flexibility that the market needs.
The usual way we approach a new project starts with understanding the customer requirements, and then we begin a technical interaction with the customer that could result in a new product, or in a standard solution customization for the specific use in the customer's vehicle.





Production & AssemblyProduction & Assembly

 We pay more and more attention to the production. There are several production process to keep in control, from machining to washing, from honing to grinding.
Assembling is the final process of the production chain, but it's one of the most important. Know-how, training and responsibility of SAFIM people are the values that represent a great plus.
We focus our attention starting from casting control, up to the final testing. We work in partnership with our suppliers and our assembling line is part of that control.
New automatic in-line test equipments give for most of the production a 100% final test inspection.



Quality is the result!



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Via D.Livingstone 6 - 41123 Modena - Italy
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