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The Safim SPA is certified from the 1999 as for the standard  ISO 9001 save f2


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The quality system totally is documented, following three levels of procedures:
a) "Quality Manual" that explains the organization model with the approach for processes and release the SAFIM policy.
b) "Managerial Procedures" that explain the main business processes and assign to the  Safim people  tasks and responsibilities.
c) "Technical Procedures" that supply the necessary instructions to the development of the several activities.

All the results of the business performances come recorded and catalogued so as to anytime control the pointers of the quality for having a picture clearly of the efficiency of  the our system of the Quality Management save f2  and to be  able to guarantee  the communication to all the levels.

Safim SPA is certified from the 2006 as for the standard ISO 14001:2015 save f2 .Fotovoltaic system

We work in order to lead our activity in correct and sustainable way from the point of environmental view. Environmental policy describes our engagement for the environmental protection in every phase from supplying, to the production and during all the life-cycle of our products.

Among  the our objectives there are the  use of raw materials and alternative energies, reducing the energy requirement and the emissions of CO2.

We more and more  use 'environmentally-friendly' materials with Ecolabel brand  and we prefer suppliers able to demonstrate to own attitude to echo-efficient behaviors .
We also prefer paper to brand FSC or PEFC, coming it from forests managed in sustainable way. We adopt  recovery and recycling of the raw materials guaranteeing of a lengthening of the life-cycle products.

Since 01/06/2013 Safim has decided  to adopt an Health & Safety Management System save f2  in agreement  with legislative decree 81/08.


 Organizational model

code in ethicsSince 01/09/2012 Safim has decided to take an organizational model of management and control in accordance with legislative decree 231/01.

Every person who interacts with Safim is obliged to respect the behavior and principles laid down by the Code of Ethics (ITA Version) and Code of Ethics for suppliers (ITA Version)
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