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Safim Spa produces high quality brake systems. Our company is  flexible, attentive to the quality of the product, and focused on the needs of customers, with whom we work to the study specific solutions for their needs. Our  customers  are  both  manufacturers  of  specialized  vehicles,  and  the most  important  global  manufacturers of vehicles for earthmoving, construction, material handling and agricultural equipment.
Written on 02 December 2015, 09.29 by Administrator
SAFIM S.p.A has launched the new Trailer Braking System for Agricultural Vehicles which complies the new EU RVBR regulations (EU 2015/68). The system have two areas of application: the tractor and the trailer. For the tractor SAFIM has developed the TBU (Trailer Brake Unit) valve which integrates the pressure control of the service brakes of the trailer (Control Line) with the management of the just introduced redundant line to the trailer (Supplementary Line). The TBU is driven by the HBL (Hand...
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